The True Purpose to Being Fit and Healthy

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Being physically fit is not just a way to stay healthy. It’s a way to express yourself and gain the respect of others. You don’t have to be muscular, but you should be able to do something that can impress others.

Being fit allows you to continue to participate in active play

Being fit allows you to continue to participate in active play. Physical play is important for children and parents alike, as it helps strengthen the parent-child bond. Participation in physical activity can help build trust between parents and their children, which will benefit them both throughout the everchanging rhythms and staes of life.

Bond with your children

Bonding is the process of forming a secure attachment between you and your children. The more you bond with them, the more they feel loved, secure and confident in themselves. Bonding can happen anywhere at any time — especially while playing!

When we play with our children, we are not only helping them develop new skills (such as throwing a ball) but also helping them learn how to be part of an interactive group environment. This will give them confidence when interacting with others outside of their immediate family unit.

Bonding with your child is not just about spending time with them. It’s about doing activities together that help you both grow and learn new things. You can bond with your children through play by:

-Playing a game of tag or hide-and-go-seek (of they’re young)

-Playing a sport

-Having a dance party

-Taking them on an adventure or long walk in nature or at the park

Model healthy habits

Model healthy habits, and your children will follow suit.

  • Healthy habits are contagious. Children learn from their parents thorugh observation adn osmosis. If you’re in good shape, they will want to be like you.
  • If you want your kids to eat better or exercise more often, start by making some changes yourself first! For example: if your child loves pizza, make a homemade version of it instead of buying frozen pizza at the grocery store. This way they’ll get excited about trying something new–and it’s often healthier than ordering out!

If you are trying to lose weight, do it gradually. Big weight-loss goals often lead to disappointment and frustration. Instead of setting a goal for pounds lost in a certain amount of time, focus on celebrating small changes that help you achieve your goals over time–like exercising more and/or eating fewer processed foods.

Helps parents manage the challenges of parenting better

Being fit and healthy is not just about looking good. It also helps parents manage the challenges of parenting better, which in turn allows them to grow as a parent and develop better personal habits. This can be done by improving your ability to manage yourself so that you are more emotionally present for your children. Developing your body demands that you upgrade your mindset and manage strong emotions and the physiological benefits you get from proper exercise and nutrition (such as uplifted mood, more energy, and reduction in stress) allow your mind to be more free to attend to what matters most.

Creates the conditions to be emotionally present for your children

Emotional presence is non-negotiable for a child’s growth.

You can’t be physically present in the room and not emotionally present at the same time and expect your kids to benefit from your gifts. If you choose physical presence over emotional presence, your kids are going to be hurt by it. That doesn’t mean they’ll get hurt every time; sometimes they’ll be fine with it because there aren’t any big issues going on in their lives at that moment (or maybe even ever). But if there are big issues going on in their lives–if something big happened at school or with friends–they will feel your absence acutely and notice that something was missing from your interaction with them: namely, an emotional connection between parent and child that would have helped them through a difficult time.

Empowers you to be strong and have integrated wellness for greater healthspan and longevity.

The true purpose of physical fitness is to empower you to be strong and have integrated wellness for greater healthspan and longevity.

Healthspan is the time that you are healthy and in good physical condition. Longevity is a measure of the length of time you live. The more physically fit you are, the better your healthspan and longevity will be and the more you and your children will be able to enjoy each other’s company. Remeber that your genetics do not have to determine healthspan or longevity; you can be change that through good nutrition and the right exercise!

The benefits of being fit and healthy are endless. In addition to feeling better and having more energy, you can also enjoy a closer bond with your children and model healthy habits for them. Being fit empowers parents to be emotionally present for their kids, which helps create a positive environment where everyone feels safe and supported. And finally, being physically healthy and active allows parents an vehicle for managing the challenges of parenting (and life) better which benefits everyone around you!


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