The Divine Matriarch

Which animal would you compare yourself to and why?


As a child raised by a single mother, the feminine has a strong presence in my life just as it does in an elephant herd. Along with that, and possibly more impressive to my psyche, is that elephants are tremendously spiritual animals. There’s a connection to something beyond the mundane that’s apparent in their behavior (revisiting their deceased family, mourning the loss of even human counterparts – the Elephant Whisperer).

I recently was gifted a trip to The Elephant Preserve in Fredericksburg, TX and got to put my hands on and look into the eyes of 3 Indian Elephants. I cannot explain the way that theses animals seemed to be fully present in body, but within their eyes seemed to exist on another completely different plane at the same time.

In a men’s group that I am a part of, I’ve chosen an animal name to Emory this essence. Noble Elephant.

This is who I often believe myself to be. Here but gone. Deeply connected to family and spirit. Guided largely by he feminine divine.


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